Important recycling information:

Curbside recycling services resumed on January 3, 2022 

Your recycling pick-up day will be the SAME as your trash pick-up day.

The city is only collecting the city issued blue 18 Gallon bins.  You can use the blue 18 gallon bin you already have.

Recyclables put in any type of closed container, large or small, will not be picked up.

Recycled items should be LOOSE in the bins, not in a plastic bag or any other type of bag.  Bagged items will not be picked up.

The City can ONLY accept:

Type 1 and 2 plastics
Steel and Aluminum cans
Paper and cardboard

Other items placed in bins will result in the bins not being emptied.  Bins not emptied will be tagged with an explanation of cause. 

The City can NOT accept:

Plastic bags of any type
Glass of any type
Cartons – milk, juice etc.
Fast food bags
Pizza Boxes
Plastics other than Type 1 or 2 – e.g. yogurt containers, plastic wraps, Styrofoam, etc.

Aluminium foil or baking/serving dishes

Each dwelling unit is entitled to two (2) 18-gallon City-issued recycling bins.  If you do not have an 18-gallon City-issued bin, please contact City Hall at (904) 471-2122. For more information on the changes to the recycling program, please visit, visit the City’s Facebook page and sign up for the e-newsletter by texting CITYOFSAB TO 22828.